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Angela Cartwright - From Baby to 65 Year Old

Angela Cartwright - From Baby to 65 Year Old.

Angela Cartwright interview (1/2)

Angela Bishop's complete interview with Sound of Music star Angela Cartwright. See more at ...

ANGELA CARTWRIGHT: The Original "Penny Robinson" talks Lost in Space, Sound of Music

Angela Cartwright is an English-born American actress known for her roles in movies and television. She achieved early fame as ...

Angela Cartwright, Screen Tests for 'The Sound of Music', 1964

Angela Cartwright tests for Brigitta von Trapp and Louisa von Trapp.

Angela Cartwright Sings 'The Ballen Kay' on 'Make Room for Daddy'

On her 8th birthday, Linda (Angela Cartwright) gives an impromptu performance at the local nightclub. From 'Linda the Performer', ...

Angela Cartwright Then(1980) && Now(2018)

Angela Cartwright Then(1980) && Now(2018) Angela Margaret Cartwright is an English-born American actress primarily known ...

Angela Cartwright - Lad: A Dog

Remember when your favorite face in the world had a wet nose? Eight-year-old Angela Clure is just discovering the special bond ...

Angela Cartwright Singing "I Enjoy Being a Girl"

Angela singing "I Enjoy Being a Girl" on the Dinah Shore Chevy Show on October 30,1960.

YOUNG GIRL (Angela Cartwright Tribute) by Stephen Hereford

I was growing up watching this girl on Lost In Space but her career dates far back before that. Some of the clips go back as far as ...

Logan's Run TV Series (1977-78) - Clip with Heather Menzies, Gregory Harrison, and Angela Cartwright

This is a scene from episode 2 "The Collectors" from the short-lived LOGAN'S RUN TV series. It includes actresses that played ...

Make Room for Daddy funny scene

Cute, funny scene between Rusty Hamer and Angela Cartwright.

Classic Penny Robinson - The 3quel

Another typical day for Penny Robinson. Hydroponic gardening on distant planets. The 3rd episode of 47 in our long running ...

Angie Cartwright scenes from HIGH SCHOOL USA

An all-too-brief kissing scene is included. Dana Plato does indeed look stunning in her cheerleader's uniform.

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