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Behind the scenes photo shoot with Davetta Sherwood

Behind the scenes with Davetta Sherwood.

Davetta Sherwood and The Focus Sis-Stars at The Getty

Actress / Artist Educator Davetta Sherwood mentors Missy and Baby Focus at The Getty. Informing them about Art History.

Davetta Sherwood - Early life

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Vetta Vloggin Intro

Davetta Sherwood The Intro the The Vetta Vloggin Series.

Lily and Dru Confrontation over Malcom pt. 1

Lily and Dru argue after Lily learns Malcom is her biological father and that her mother has lied.

Valentine Day you're the Main Piece, On Feb 15, your the SIDE PIECE

The moment you realize your either the main piece or the side piece. Cast Perdell Richardson Davetta Sherwood Lyric Da Queen ...

The Best Romantic Comedy in 2013: The Love Section

Official Website: http://www.thelovesection.com Like on FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/thelovesection Follow on Twitter: ...

Vetta Vloggin #7 pt 1

Davetta Sherwood When you can look beneath their behavior that hurt you and you can see the frightened child - it becomes ...

Vetta Vloggin #2

Davetta Sherwood Episode 2 of the Vetta Vloggin Series.

Car Accident | Horror Scene | Venom (2005 film) | Agnes Bruckner

A Creole woman digs up a briefcase and drives off. Meanwhile, high school senior, Eden (Agnes Bruckner), and her friends, ...

The Photograph

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