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Anne: Spotlight on Marilyn Lightstone 3

Marilyn Lightstone plays Miss Stacy in Anne of Green Gables, Anne of Green Gables: The Sequel as well as Road to Avonlea.

The Grand Tour (Jeff Daniels)

Timescape (1992) aka Grand Tour: Disaster In Time - TRAILER グランド・ツアー The Grand Tour Jeff ...

Marilyn Lightstone at Canada Blooms 2018

Our very own Marilyn Lightstone, host of Nocturne, took part in her second Celebrity Flower Arranging Contest at Canada Blooms.


87 year old Elva Hanson was asked by the folks at the Pearl & Pine Retirement Residence "who would you like to meet most?

Mordechai Lightstone: Illuminating Modern Life with Ancient Wisdom

What can the ancient lessons teach us about the internet age? Despite the toxicity the world wide web spews, Mordechai ...

Marilyn Lightstone in The Tin Flute (Bonheur d'occasion)

Marilyn Lightstone in The Tin Flute (Bonheur d'occasion)

Marilyn Lightstone in Anne of Green Gables - clip 1

Marilyn Lightstone as Muriel Stacey in Anne of Green Gables - clip 1.

Marilyn Lightstone Talks to Zoomer Radio about her Latest Art Exhibit 'Good Morning, World!'

Marilyn Lightstone, host of "Nocturne" on our sister station The New Classical FM dropped by to chat with Norm Edwards and ...

Anne of green gables

Best scenes from Anne of green gables, Anne of Avonlea. Best movie ever!!! Prince Edward island, Avonlea. Emotional tribute to ...

All-Time Classic Hit Parade

Marilyn Lightstone and Joel Goldberg.

Marilynn Lightstone - And The Light Shines All Over The World

Poster owns no copyright to music or video which is posted for the purposes of nostalgia, education and entertainment.

Gobots Crasher (Marilyn Lightstone) & Beast Wars Blackarachnia (Venus Terzo) Together at TFcon 2013.

Gobots Crasher voice actor Marilyn Lightstone & Transformers Beast Wars Blackarachnia voice actor Venus Terzo answer ...

TFcon 2013 - 03 - Marilyn Lightstone & Venus Terzo Q&A Panel

I managed to film at least one Q&A panel this year! Check out TFcon's first female voice actor guests, Marilyn Lightstone (Crasher) ...

Redefining The Art of Aging Well

An entertaining and insightful look at positive aging models. Part of the exhibition of sensual paintings of women over 50 by ...

ZNews - Marilyn Lightstone & The Nathaniel Dett Chorale

Actor, Artist & Radio Host Marilyn Lightstone joins the Nathaniel Dett Chorale in a special reading of "Amahl and the Night ...

Marilyn Lightstone in Starman

Marilyn Lightstone in Starman.

Gundam ADR and Dennis the Menace Animation w/ Venus Terzo (Beast Wars) & Marilyn Lightstone (Gobots)

Beast Wars Blackarachnia voice actor Venus Terzo who also voiced Talia on Gundam Seed Destiny discusses the ADR ...

ZNews - Marilyn Lightstone iPad Art

Classical 96.3FM's very own Marilyn Lightstone showcased her newest gallery. Her new artwork is strictly done with an iPad.

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