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Movie Star Biography~Shirley Anne Field

Shirley Anne Field (born 27 June 1936) is an English actress who has performed on stage, film, and television since 1955.

Miss Shirley Ann Field..

Une Femme pleine de charme et une comédienne accomplie .a surtout tourné dans les années 60 . Bien reconnue outre manche ...

Lunch Hour | Full HD Movies For Free | Flick Vault

A young designer and a married executive may be about to start an affair. A series of lunch hours play out the relationship.

It's Legal - Shirley Anne Field

A.Faith - J.Barry 1960.

Shirley Anne Field - Early life

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Santa Barbara - Shirley Anne Field's Pamela

Pamela Capwell Conrad enters. Shirley Anne Field, Nancy Grahn, Michael Durell and others.

The War Lover 1962 l Starring l Steve McQueen, Robert Wagner, Shirley Anne Field

In 1943, while stationed in Britain, arrogant Captain Buzz Rickson is in command of a Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress bomber, but his ...

Terry Wogan's Blankety Blank 29/03/1979

with guests Nicholas Parsons, Beryl Reid, Eddie Waring, Shirley Anne Field, Roy Hudd and Anna Dawson.

Launch of Saturday Night Sunday Morning exhibition at Djanogly Art Gallery Nottingham November 2012

Launch of Saturday Night Sunday Morning exhibition at Djanogly Art Gallery Nottingham November 2012 by Shirley Anne Field at ...

Lunch Hour (1961) clip

Showing at Talking Pictures TV

Saturday Night and Sunday Morning/A Kind of Loving - comparing chat up techniques

Two clips comparing the chat up techniques of Vic Brown (A Kind of Loving 1962) and Arthur Seaton (Saturday Night and Sunday ...

Shirley Anne Field : It's Legal

Shirley Anne Field's song "It's Legal" (with The John Barry Seven, from the 1959 film "Beat Girl")

my BEAUTIFUL laundrette - Trailer - (1985) - HQ

Trailer for Stephen Frears's film starring Daniel Day-Lewis, Gordon Warnecke, Saeed Jaffrey, Roshan Seth, Shirley Anne Field, ...

These are the Damned 1963 Trailer | Macdonald Carey | Shirley Anne Field

These are the Damned 1963 An American tourist, a youth gang leader, and his troubled sister find themselves trapped in a top ...

TDADB0003 Sunday Mirror Sunday Shirley Ann Field Exclusive 1963)

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These are the Damned Intro (w/"Black Leather Rock") 1961

Intro sequence to the 1961 British Science-Fiction film 'These are the Damned' Clip features: MacDonald Carey, Shirley Anne ...

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